Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Wildlife Safari privacy policy explains how we, us, or Wildlife Safari are the same. And how Wildlife Safari uses the information provided by you using our website ( We mainly work in India and the US to save Wildlife and are aware of people who save them. We run many programs and activities for the social benefits and maintain nature and Wildlife. Whatever information you provide on our site or social media with us. We commit to protecting your private and essential data. 

We are regulating this updated privacy policy. It will be used from now in the future until we do not update it. We are committed to secure your private data and never sell to another party. Which you provide using our site and our social handles. Our partners or sponsors may also gather the data from your side. So, they are responsible if you provide any information. 

Short info about the Privacy guide

We only collect your name, contact info, and demographic information. Also, any other information you may provide to meet our social work needs. Sometimes we also need to collect your IP address and other data. When you are supposed to be our partner, sponsor, or donor. We use this information to maintain the on-book records and update you with our newsletters whenever needed. We also do this to understand where the visitors are coming and helping us. If you get an email from us, you also get the unsubscribe option to stop receiving emails if you do not want to. Our site can use cookies to give you a personalized experience and help you with your search. The site (Wildlife Safari) can include or give the link to another site. So, you will be responsible if you consume content on those sites as we do not own such sites. 

If you have any further clarification, you can contact us at or contact us at the address below.

2040 NE 59th Place Fort Lauderdale FL 33308

H No. 14B, Samaspur Jagir, Mayur Vihar, Delhi 110091



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