Wildlife Safari Tours In India Is Now Famous Tourist Destination

Wildlife Safari Tours In India are on the rise and not getting recognized globally. People are coming for a wildlife safari to see elephants, Bengal tigers, and rare animals. 

The excellent initiatives of a government body and tourism board have worked a lot. It has attracted colossal tourism lover enthusiasts within a short period. Currently, we have over 100 national parks and 500 plus wildlife sanctuaries. And all these wildlife safari parks attract thousands of visitors every year. 

As per the estimate, the growth in Indian wildlife tourism is going up by 15%. Now Indian tourists are also showing their interest in wildlife safari tours in India. Because out of 15% of tourists, 70% are Indian tourists and the number of tourists is increasing. Hence it says, the people understand the importance of wildlife and are willing to watch them. 

Along with most of the tourists, they say they will revisit the wildlife. So that they can visit those sites which they missed on this tour. Also, from Bandhavgarh National Park to Ranthambore National Park. We are getting a massive number of monthly and yearly visitors. 

Hence we can say wildlife safari tours in India are increasing. And it is one of the major tourist destinations at the world level. 

Wildlife safari tours in India during the COVID-19 At COVID, Indian wildlife tourism contributed $343 billion to the GDP. And it has also provided over 21.8 million jobs in this industry. But COVID outbreak destroyed this industry like others and reduced tourism activities. Also, the over 200 Gypsy drivers and over 90 guides in only Bandhavgarh National Park were working. And they all are dependent on the earnings from this place only. But due to this pandemic, they lost their earning sources. 

Aside from this, the hotel and resort owners also faced a massive loss. Because over 70% of bookings, they used to get from foreign travelers. 

Wildlife safari tours in India after COVID-19 

During the COVID-19, the forest safari tour was facing a significant loss. Hence it needs to get opened again and attract many visitors. But now, the bookings for the wildlife safari tours in India have started again. But, now almost four people can enjoy their forest safari in the jeep. Also, people are willing to take this opportunity because they are stuck in their homes only. And now they want to feel nature again to reduce the stress that they got in lockdown.  Thus, now the Indian forest safari is getting common among Indian and foreign visitors. And all of them want to get a booking for their favorite wildlife safari tours in india.

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