Where Is Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Located In India?

Do you wish to visit Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in India? But do you know where Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in India? 

This wildlife sanctuary is one of the essential wildlife sanctuaries. This wildlife preserve is located in the southern side of India in Kerala state. People count it when they wish to spot herds of Asian elephants. As in a herd, they can spot anywhere from 50-55 elephants. 

If you were willing to plan your tour in south India, this wildlife preserve is a fabulous place. Because here, you spot not only elephants but also langurs, bears, leopards, and fowl. Along with this, you get a chance to capture the image of tigers and beautiful birds. 

What do you do when you reach Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary?

When you reach Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in India, then you do many things. And all these activities are not only exciting but also adventurous. Below are some exciting things that you can do during your tour. 

You do bamboo rafting in Periyar Lake with the help of villagers. And in one bamboo raft, only five travelers can take the ride. 

If you love to dig into the rich culture of Kerala, then you can watch tribal dance. It is one of the fantastic things you watch other than wildlife. 

You also love natural walking and spotting several birds. During this package, you will get tons of opportunities to click amazing pictures. 

In Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, you can also do jungle scouting. You can consider it as your night wildlife safari, but it’s interesting. Also, it provides you the chance to feel the night culture of wildlife. 

Along with this, there are many other things you can enjoy here. Thus, if you want to watch all these animals, you need to come to Kerala. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Kerala state of India. 

Where do you get the best Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary booking?

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