Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is in Assam, which is the northeast state of India. It covers more than 39100 hectares of land and is near the Manas river. Manas Wildlife Sanctuary joins it with the north border of Bhutan.

Manas National Park is great to see the striking landscapes of its inhabitants. If you are thinking of making your tour in Assam, you can go to Manas National Park.

It is a wildlife-rich park where you will see various species to feel the Jurassic era.

Here you will see its vital elements; because of that, it becomes a UNESCO World Heritage site. Due to its natural charm, it has become a better travel destination among people.

And nature enthusiasts love to go there to celebrate their vacation to feel the heart of nature. Every year it attracts tons of national and international tourists.

Also, it offers the natural beauty of nature in return and enjoyment. When you go there, then you see Indian Rhinoceros, Barking Deers, and Tigers.

In many ways, the Manas National Park of India is quite different from the other wildlife sanctuaries. Here you all also see the Red Pandas, Hog, Golden Langur, and Hispid hare.

It is the best place for enjoying cinematic angles. If you go in the season, you can click your pictures and see beautiful flora. Some of the significant flora are Himolu, Dewa San, and Amari.

Thus, whether you are young or adult, you all love to see the beauty of Manas Wildlife Sanctuary Safari. If you want to see these fantastic viewpoints and wildlife.

You can book your tour with Wildlife Safari. At Wildlife Safari, we ensure you visit significant places of heritage sites. Currently, we are running the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary Booking system.

So, now you get an easy payment option with extra benefits to choose your tour.

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