Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is the absolute natural beauty of central Assam, India. If you love to know about the Jurassic era or want to see the original beauty of the forest. You need to have one of the best Kaziranga tour packages.

It is a popular tourist destination among people willing to make vacations memorable. The Kaziranga National park in India has around 430 sq. kilometers of area. And there are dense forests, grassy meadows, lagoons, and much more.

This beautiful national park took place in 1908 in Central Assam. Because at that time, Mary Curzon recommended saving the wildlife of the forest.

To reach here, people will not face obstacles because you can use many commuting options. We have 37 national highways that reach through the Kaziranga National Park Safari.

UNESCO World Heritage decided to declare it one of its sites in 1985. This world heritage site will see one-horned rhinoceroses, tigers, bears, and birds.

You also benefit yourself by seeing hundreds of flowers, trees, panthers, and elephants. It is also famous for its elephant grasses mixed with small swampland.

And these grasses get water from the Brahmaputra river. Here you all can see and take pictures of the migrating and inhabitant birds as well.

If you think of taking your family for the family tour, you should go to Kaziranga national park. Here you all will stay together, enjoy together, and love to watch beautiful wildlife.

Also, this tour package provides you with all the essential resources. And is also suited for college students, solo travelers, and couples. By visiting this forest, you will see the evergreen and attractive sites.

Along with this, you also see semi-green forests along with some rare viewpoints. It is one of the best places and heaven for nature lovers who want to protect wild lives.

So, if you want to live a new life surrounded by big trees and wild animals. You can contact us for more details as our team will love to help you understand our lovely forest.

  • Best time to visit:November to April
  • Safari duration:2 Hours
  • Safari charges at Kaziranga National Park:INR 3800-4500 per jeep

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