Kanha National Park: A Brief Highlight Of Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha National Park Safari is one of the most exciting things to do. It is because it is the only place where you can find the barasingha (swamp deer). And thus, this animal is also called the jewel of Kanha National Park. Besides barasingha, you can also spot the Royal Bengal tigers, sambhars, gaur, and wild dogs. So, to enter this national park, there are many gates, but the Khatiya gate is the famous one. Many visitors prefer the Khatiya gate to find jackals, cats, pythons, and other animals. 

How much does accommodation cost in Kanha National Park?

In Kanha National Park, you can find many affordable to luxurious accommodations. Generally, the budget-friendly stay starts from Rs1000 per night. And for staying in a mid-range hotel, you can spend Rs2000. If you think you can afford luxurious cottages, you have to spend Rs5,000 to Rs11,000 for a night. Many hotels also provide trekking, jeep safari, dance shows, and many other facilities. Also, most of the hotels provide laundry, medical, and car rental facilities. 

Hence, by choosing the right accommodation option, you can enjoy your tour. But, when you are struggling with a tight budget, then you can consider affordable stays. You can find cheap stay options in the villages. Yet, by doing this, you will have to be responsible for every type of management. Thus, in this case, you can prefer the Wildlife Safari and its Kanha National Park safari tour package. That comes at affordable rates and also provides extra benefits. Also, you can expect better facilities compared to other tour organizers. 

What are the best places to eat in Kanha National Park safari?

If you stay in a hotel, then you can order your meal from their in-house restaurants. And these restaurants present to you tasty and hygienic food options. Moreover, you can eat a delicious meal from the dhabas that the Kanha National Park surrounds. Many other restaurants are also there, and they have fixed or customized menus.  But, if you are going to Kanha National Park safari, you need help. Because it will ensure you get complete enjoyment during your wildlife safari. Hence, to plan and execute your best safari tour, contact us.

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