Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett is a flora and fauna-rich national park in India. It is a unique national park for wildlife enthusiasts and is located in Uttrakhand. If you visit this place, it becomes more joyful because it is located at the hill station. It can be the ideal place to visit if you plan to have some vacation time in Nainital.

Jim Corbett is one of the oldest and the most beautiful national parks of India. It allows tourists to explore nature with a close look to interact with its various elements. During the journey, you enjoy seeing wildlife, lakes, rivers, rugged hills, and more. It is an ideal safari park to give exceptional moments at hill stations. 

Also, they are willing to have an elephant ride and jeep ride to take their tour experience at the top level. Sometimes, you can get shocked and amazed during the tour. At many points, you see tigers suddenly and take part in adventurous activities. Don’t think that there is any danger while taking an animal safari. 

The highly trained professionals perform all these safari activities. In Jim Corbett National Park in India, you can spot over 400 species of flora and around 500 species of fauna. Every part of your tour will bring some unique and exciting things. And All these will force you to love our beautiful forests and wildlife. 

Yet, you can visit some of Jim Corbett’s Tiger reserve parts to see tigers from close. And can also identify how they and other wildlife stay here freely. There are hotels, resorts and local accommodation facilities are also available. 

So, if your nature-loving heart is willing to spend more time exploring this place, then you can stay there. Our Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand tour package is designed to give the best experience. 

It lets you discover all the significant viewpoints in some hours. So, if you are alone or with family, contact the Wildlife safari to schedule your comfortable tour.

  • Best time to visit: March to May
  • Duration: You need around 5 hours for a safari ride in Jim Corbett
  • Jim Corbett safari price: 
  • Jeep safari charges – INR 4500 (Indians); INR 7500 (Foreigners); 
  • Canter safari charges – INR 1200 (Indians); INR 3000 (Foreigners); 
  • Elephant safari charges – INR 3500 (both Indian and Foreigners)

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