How To Reach Sundarbans National Park From Delhi?

Many people feel confused when they need to reach Sundarbans from Delhi. The Sundarbans National Park in India is one of the most famous national parks. It is located in West Bengal, and traveling from Delhi can be complex. 

However, now there are various resources such as trains, cars, and airplanes. But still, if you do not have any idea, then you can face several challenges. So, here we will understand how you can reach there for the Sunderban National Park safari

Steps to reach Sundarbans from Delhi

First, you need to reach Delhi to Kolkata, and it is the easy way to get there. But you can first decide which option you will choose for traveling. You can start your train journey, get there by flight or can rent a car. Once you reach there, you can contact a traveling agency or can keep continuing your independent trip.

However, many travelers prefer to contact travel agencies. You can also choose your ideal agency from Delhi, so you do not have to struggle more.

In the second step, you can book a car taxi or your agency will arrange it. It hardly takes 2 to 3 hours to reach Sundarbans National Park. During this time, you can sit on the window seat and take a glimpse of West Bengal.

Once you reach there, then you can book accommodation to stay and other arrangements. However, there is the accommodation that will help you simplify your Sunderban National Park safari tour. They have various contacts, and they help tourists who stay in their accommodation.

There are many affordable accommodations and restaurants with dhabas. You can choose whichever suits you the most and enjoy your trip.

But if you have booked the package of Wildlife Safari for the tour. Then you will not have to worry because it makes all the arrangements for you.

Hence, if you are also willing to go to Sundarbans National Park in India. Then you can go there independently, but it will cost you more compared to any travel package. But it also allows you to get more freedom to explore this place. So, I hope now you have understood how you reach Sundarbans from Delhi. And enjoy your Sunderban National Park safari tour to gain an exciting experience.

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