Donate In India

Your small contribution can significantly impact wildlife protection activity. Especially the rescue and protection program we run to save the wildlife in India. Our mission is to save the treasure of nature and our beautiful wildlife with your support. We are committed to reducing the number of threats causing diversified lives on our earth. But all these need a good fund, and with our limited resources. We could not meet the requirements to save and maintain the wildlife. 

So, we look to the heroes like you who understand the importance of wildlife and want to save to keep nature balanced. We know you can help us to take this life-saving activity of our wildlife to a mass level. Whether you make a small contribution or a big one, it means a lot and shows you care for the rest of the world too. You know we can exist if we live together with our nature and its assets. Whether we find an abused elephant, injured tiger, orphaned cub, or any other animal.

We rescue them, provide essential facilities, and let them go at the right time when they need to. So, do you want to be a hero for one of the orphan cubs, injured tiger or another animal who needs your support? If yes, then Donate to Wildlife Safari in India with a simple and easy payment processing system that is entirely secure.  

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