Back To School Bash

Back To School Bash

Back To School Bash: Let’s Help Students

Back-to-school bash is one of the effective programs organized by Wildlife Safari. In this program, hundreds of students get essential school supplies and backpacks. We help these families by providing school-going accessories for their kids. So, they can continue their studies without the shortage of any accessories. Our community supporters support our great initiative by donating some funds. And because of them, this supporting program for students organizes every year. With your contribution, the students can get essential study supplies and shoes. Also the clothing, books, study kits and so many other things they need.

Along with these, we support the students throughout the year. If they suffer from any accessories, we can help them provide the same. These kids are the country’s future, and if we support them, they can do much better with their studies. Thus, our team runs this program for the parents who want their kids to study. So, if you also think of doing something for these school-going kids. You can also join this back-to-school bash program. If your kids need these free school accessories for their studies, you can contact us. Our team will update you whenever we organize such activities. And whenever our sponsor partners, contributors, and volunteers plan to conduct this activity. 

We get support from kind people, volunteers, and businesses to run this essential student support program. Currently, we are seeking new sponsors to organize upcoming back-to-school bash activities. If you think you can be an ideal match, contact us to contribute to this good work. This good work can help those students who want to study and become successful people. But if this help does not reach, they struggle due to insufficient learning resources. So, are you ready to help the families to make their kids ready for the upcoming batch of their schooling? If yes, contact us at the Wildlife Safari because we aim to maintain sustainable growth by saving nature.

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