5 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park

Do you know Manas National Park is an Elephant Reserve and Tiger Reserve? It is also a UNESCO world heritage site and essential Biosphere Reserve of India. Thus, you must go there to see fantastic wildlife landscapes with your open eyes. It is a place that is rich with fauna, flora, and a variety of bird species. Here this article will cover the important tourist places that you can visit in this national park. 

#1. Must visit Tiger and Elephant Reserve

This national park is excellent for tiger and elephant sightings, and you must do it. It is because it has two different sites where you can enjoy this wonderful experience. Along with this, you will find hundreds of rare animals, including golden langurs and pygmy hogs. In the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, you also see the wild water buffaloes. 

#2. King of Bhutan’s Palace

Manas National Park shares the border of Bhutan and India’s Assam. Near it, the Palace of Bhutan’s king is located. That is also a great place to visit where you will get a glimpse of the traditional architecture. However, to reach there, you need to take the boat to cross the river. And it requires permission from Bhutan’s authorities as some portion of it exists in their land as well. 

#3. Manas River

The Manas river comes from Brahmaputra, and it flows from Assam. As Manas Wildlife Sanctuary located at Manas river hence it got its name. If you go there, then you should not forget to spot this river in the beautiful landscape. It is one of the best places to click hundreds of pictures. 

#4. Bagmati

It is in the Baksa district of Assam and also a tiny visiting place. Also, it is on the mount of Barnadi river with dense forest area. It is one of the best picnic spots and sitting sites where you and your friends can have lunch. Now it has become the favorite tourist destination of most of the tourists. 

#5. Bansbari Tea Plantation

This fantastic land is located at the entrance of the Manas National Park. If you go here, then you will find a relaxing and calm place surrounded by flora. In this lodge, you will spot several types of flora and also study fauna. Hence, it is highly recommended to visit Bansbari Tea Plantation if you go to Manas Wildlife Sanctuary. 


So, these are the prominent must-visit tourist places in Manas National Park. And if you go there, then you should visit all the suggested sites. As it will maximize the enjoyment and excitement level of your tour. Moreover, if you want to make your tour at affordable charges, then contact us.

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