4 Best Wildlife Safari Destination In India

India is the home of various wildlife species that are decreasing around the world. If you want to spot that rare wildlife, then you might be planning to go for the best jungle safari in India. By finding the best wildlife safari destination in India, you can spot most of the rare wildlife. So, if you want to see tigers, lions, deer, and other colorful animals and birds. Then you should check out this list as I have prepared with comprehensive research. 

List Of 4 Best Wildlife Safari Destination In India

Below are the four best wildlife safari destinations in India that you can consider for your tour. 

#1. Sundarbans National Park

Sundarbans is the home of Sunday trees and the Royal Bengal Tigers. Both are amazing things to look around at, and many visitors visit this park because of both. Many species live here, such as birds, crocodiles, reptiles, and mammals. Since 1973, it’s also been a tiger reserve, and many people call it Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. Here you can also see teals, pochards, plovers, curlews, stints, and whimbrels. Many other species of birds exist here, and you can spot all of them during your safari. 

#2. Kanha National Park

If you are planning to make your tour somewhere around Madhya Pradesh. Then you should visit Kanha National Park as it can be your best jungle safari in India. It is the place where the narrator of the famous book “The Jungle Book” took inspiration. Also, it’s a significant tiger reserve in the country; hence here also you can find tigers. Moreover, here you will see thousands of trees and flora species. That is a fantastic thing to watch from a close eye as you feel stunning. 

#3. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the southern part of India in Kerala’s western ghats. Many things to do make you feel that it’s your best jungle safari in India. You can do a jeep, elephant, and boat safari; moreover, you also get a chance to walk at brilliant sites. Thus, you should consider this sanctuary for best wildlife safari destinations in India. It has tropical grass and dense forest area, thus you can think how adventurous it can be. 

#4. Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is also a tiger reserve mainly, and there are other species too. It is located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh and is located in the hillock area. It’s a great place, especially if you go to other national parks but not spot any tigers. Here there is the highest number of tigers and other wildlife. And as per calculation, there can be eight tigers in every square kilometer.  Thus, these are the top 4 wildlife safari destinations in India to enjoy the best safari tour.

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